SoulShine Horse Wear Blazing Colors of the Mayan Indians....
  • Western Saddle Pad Tobasco Red / SS7100R


    Western pad . 32"x32" Curved at the withers for a perfect fit and relief for all horses. The brilliant colors are produced from organic dyes made with berries and vegetables grown in their regions. Hand dyed and then woven from the Mayan Indians  All Mayan materials are made on handlooms (usually on dirt floors), a skill passed down from generation to generation.  Fabrication of the pads is USA.

    Available in contour with mesh non slip  Black nylon web binding surround underside. It breathes..... Hose down both sides-Color will not move!

    or high quality 3/4" wool felt, no contour.  Colors are steadfast and guaranteed.  We soaked them in swimming pool for 2 weeks!