SoulShine Horse Wear Blazing Colors of the Mayan Indians....
  • Medium Shopping/Carry All Bag / SS3090


    This tote is 14.5"h x 17w x 4.5 d. All fabric, top closure zipper, 2 back zip pockets. Contrasting  trim, handles and pattern on back.  Extremely durable!  For shopping, laptop or purse.

    These totes are made from the remnant ceremonial garments of each village.  They are worn by the women in the villages as a representation of their own village colors and certain motif (or designs).  All women of each village wear this embroidered top and you will know where she is from, by her colors.  You will note the neckline has been made into a pocket in many of the bags, or is still left visible.  It takes month's to make just one of these garments.  To own one in a tote is a special heirloom. All yarns are hand dyed and woven from the mushrooms and berries of the Mayan villages. Color is brilliant and will not move or fade!